Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Semester

Let me catch you up on what was been happening in Science Class. We started our second semester learning about ENERGY- potential energy and kinetic energy. Students created roller coasters to view the transformation between these two types of energy. They also work with other forms of energy like light, sound, chemical, nuclear and others.The students learned that energy changes from one form to another and we saw it in the laboratory experiences in the classroom.
Now we are working on Heat Transfers-conduction, convection and radiation. We are doing many labs and demonstrations to show these types of transformations. We ate popcorn, burned tea bags and are about to make s'mores and even ice cream, all in the name of Science :-) Next Friday February 7th, the students will have their Energy Unit Test that will include all the concepts mentioned above.

Please save the date of Tuesday March 4th for our first "Family Engineering Night at LMS"

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