Friday, April 19, 2013

Energy Unit

Today you are taking the Energy Unit Test. We learned many different and fun ways that energy travels. In this unit you had the chance to experiment with:
1. Potential and Kinetic Energy- Do you remember the forms of energy are considered potential?  Can you remember the forms of energy that are considered kinetic? how are they different?
2. Energy transformations- Did you know that energy is never created or destroyed, how is this "rule" called?   Can you give examples of how energy is transformed from one to another?
3. Heat transfer- Do you know the different ways the heat can travel? what is different about each one of these ways? Why is this important to life on Earth?

We learned a lot during this unit and had some tasty treats too! S'mores and ice cream should be served every day in science because learning SCIENCE IS SWEET!

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