Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jason Account

We will be setting up your Jason account today.

1. Go to
2. Click on "Log in to JASON Mission Center" on the right hand corner.
3. Click on "Register" on the botton of the page.
4. Click on student
5. Fill out the information page and copy and paste the following key code

William, Amarilys  62e550bb-c78c-4786-bce5-265ecb0ea133

Brooks, Andre   f768f761-caba-4ccd-ad16-2823d4be5538

Stone, Richard            b156c306-c626-4ad6-a6b1-287dfd939755 

6.Check the box to agree to terms of use and click "Register"
7. You are in, now go to "Classrooms", second tab on the top
8. Click on "Join a classroom"
9. Write this code

William     46D9-150  

Brooks      46FC-150 

Stone        46FD-150

WE are DONE!!!

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